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Recent and Forthcoming Releases

Sri Ramanasramam now creates its own Video-CD and DVD Masters in-house using only the best software available. They are then sent off for mass production to the highest standard. Video-CD's offer better quality than VHS tape, are more durable and less costly. Video-CD's can be played on any dedicated Video-CD player, DVD player or computer with a CD-ROM drive.

PAL DVD's and VCD's can be played on the majority of recent NTSC players available in the USA and the rest of the world.

Coming Eventually

The Kartigai Deepam video

Filmed over four years, this ten day festival (actually 17 days) is the annual highlight of devotional life in Tiruvannamalai, culminating in the Kartigai Deepam (beacon) being lit on the summit of Arunachala. The two hours of film will cover every detail of the festival and its significance for devotees.

Every effort has been made to ensure the historical and symbolical accuracy of the video and the commentary. We anticipate that it will be available in early 2009 on DVD.

The video part of this work is now complete, only the commentary and music remains to be added.

The Ribhu Gita on audio CD

The entire Ribhu Gita chanted in Sanskrit by Sri Lingeswara Rao Gonella. This inestimable work, highly praised by Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, is now available on one MP3 CD.

Videos Now Available

The Eternal Light - Details

A new video produced at Sri Ramanasramam, This video, which chronicles the life of Bhagavan, utilises many rare photographs never seen publicly before, plus high-quality new and old film footage. No effort has been spared in producing this video in the highest quality possible. Devotees will not be disappointed. It is available on DVD and Video-CD in PAL format.


The Archival Films video - Details

Released previously on VHS tape, is now available from Sri Ramanasramam on Video-CD as well as on VHS tape in PAL format. The quality of this video has been improved where possible, and the Video-CD quality is exceptional considering the age of the footage used.


The Sage of Arunachala - Details

This video produced by Arunachala Ashrama is now available from Sri Ramanasramam on VideoCD and VHS tape - in English, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. This version has been re-edited and the soundtrack has been improved considerably. It is also available on DVD in NTSC format from Arunachala Ashrama in the USA.


Arunachala Giripradakshina - Details

This video has been reconstructed with a new soundtrack in Karnatic style by Madurai G. S. Mani and additional footage to suit a wider audience. It is now available on VCD from Sri Ramanasramam. A second version with a different style of singing and musical accompaniment will be available later in the year for those who prefer it.


Guru Ramana - His Living Presence .... Details

This video is composed of extracts from interviews with life-long devotees of Bhagavan, most of whom are now no longer with us, but all of whom spent many years in His presence from 1922 onwards. Available in PAL & NTSC on VHS Tape, on VideoCD in PAL and on DVD in NTSC format only.


New and Recent Books Now Available

Heart is Thy Name, Oh Lord

Containing 120 pages of photographs with selected quotes from the English publications - Talks, Day by Day, Who Am I?, etc. A very popular book. Price Rs. 100 plus postage. Overseas price $10 US including airmail postage.


Life and Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi - Tamil - image

Bhagavan's Biography in 8 volumes - 3 volumes of His life history, 5 volumes of assorted teachings from other publications, 400 photographs.

This work is only available in Tamil.


The Restored Photos of Bhagavan - Volume One

Volume 1 of The Restored Photographs of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

Containing - 50 fine prints produced on high-quality Art Paper. Page size 297 x 350mm - To preview the album click here - file size 400 Kb


The Restored Photos of Bhagavan - Volume Two

Volume 2 of The Restored Photographs of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

Containing - 55 fine prints produced on high-quality Art Paper. Page size 297 x 350mm - To preview the album click here - file size 500 Kb


In Days of Great Peace ... 'The Highest Yoga As Lived'

This popular book written by Mouni Sadhu, has been out of print for many years. It has now been re-published by Sri Ramanasramam in a limited edition. This book has been credited with bringing many devotees to Bhagavan over the years, including myself.


Arunachala-Ramana - Details - For price and ordering information - please click here

A high-quality CD containing over 1,350 pages and 1,400 high-resolution photographs, plus video previews, audio tracks, calendars and much more. This is almost sold out and will not be reproduced.


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