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GURU RAMANA - His Living Presence

Interviews with devotees who lived with Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi from 1921 onwards.

List of devotees in this video:

Swami Ramanananda Saraswati (1914)
Annamalai Swami (1906-95)
Balaram Reddy (1908-95)
Kanakammal (1922)
Krishnaswami (1906-96)
Kunjuswami (1897-92)
N. N. Rajan (1906-94)
Prof. N.R.Krishnamoorty Aiyar (1907-94)
Rajapalayam Ramani Ammal (1927-94)
Ramaswami Pillai (1895-95)
Prof. K. Swaminathan (1896-94)
Sampoorna Ammal (1899-93)

A 75 minute video containing reminiscences and teachings from taped interviews with disciples of Sri Ramana Maharshi who met him as early as 1914 in Virupaksha cave, and lived with him from 1921 onwards.

Produced with overlays of archival photos and films. Srimati M. S. Subbalakshmi's inspiring renditions of the Maharshi’s compositions provide an impeccable back drop to the stories and narrations delicately strung together with English subtitles and voice-overs.

75 minutes - Colour
Produced & Distributed by: Arunachala Ashrama, USA

PAL format VHS Tape £17.00 UK + postage.
NTSC format VHS Tape and DVD $25.00 + postage.

VideoCD - available from Sri Ramanasramam, India

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