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The Eternal Light

57 Minutes, Mostly Colour

Produced and Distributed by:

Sri Ramanasramam,
Tiruvannamalai 606-603,

COPYRIGHT © 2003 Sri Ramanasramam

Formats - PAL VHS Tape, VideoCD & DVD in both English and Tamil

This is the first video produced at Sri Ramanasramam. Created to mark the establishment of a new and extensive Archive Building constructed within the ashram grounds.

This video chronicles the life of Bhagavan and includes many rare photographs never seen publicly before. The majority of the film footage was shot in 2003 in digital format, but the video also includes re-processed high-quality film footage of Bhagavan from the Archival Films.

No effort has been spared in producing this video in the highest quality possible. Devotees will not be disappointed. It will be available on VHS tape, Video-CD and DVD.

This video is available for purchase from Sri Ramanasrasmam. A five minutes and forty seconds preview of the video is available for download from our video-clips website - file size 6.0Mb. Please click on the following link to go there ... Preview


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