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What's New on the site - Updated June 2008

This entire site has been coded to be XHTML compliant and uses CSS for the layout. This will make the site more accessible for the disabled. All of the pages have been formatted to accommodate virtually all screen resolutions from 800 x 600 up to 1440 x 1024.

Photograph display methods

Javascript slideshows

Standard Javascript slideshow applets enable visitors to see photographs in a moving strip format. All of the photographs in these slideshows are linked to larger versions which will open beneath the slideshows when clicked. This is ideal for slow connections.

icon PicLens slideshow and gallery format

This new type of display method, requires you to download and install a simple plugin for your browser. All of the photograph thumbnails are then displayed in 3D layout which provides you with the ability to scroll quickly through them and select any photo to see it enlarged immediately. To activate it you simply click on the blue icon (shown above) that appears on any photograph. You will need a broadband connection to use this effectively.

Split page format

This uses frames to display the photographs. Ideal for slow connections.


The Arunachala & Temple photos

A selection of photographs have been added to the Arunachala & Temple Photos section of this site. The complete set can be found on arunachala-ramana.org. Both sites offer all three methods (listed above) of viewing the photographs.

The Restored Photographs of Bhagavan

The complete set of Restored Photographs have been included on this site. You can view them using all three methods listed above.

Other pages:

The 'Book Lists' pages are available only in 'frameset' versions and list all of the books available on Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi.

I have added links to three Tiruvannamalai charities to the site. All three of these charities are genuine and do excellent work. These appeals are for direct contribution by those devotees who feel inclined to help.


Things in the Internet world move forward quickly, we move more slowly and try to add improvements that are actually worthwhile in our opinion. The limited use of PDF files on the site is one improvement we feel is definitely worthwhile and quite a lot of files are available from the 'Downloads Page' - please visit it.

I hope that I have made the site easier to access and improved the visibility of the pages for those with low-end screens and poor connection speeds. People with IE browser versions prior to 5.5 or 6.0 might have difficulty in loading the pages properly. They should consider installing at least version 6.0. This site works perfectly in Firefox.

Books to download

A selection of books published by Sri Ramanasramam are available through this site and others are hyperlinked via the Sri Ramansramam and other websites. On the downloads page of this site there are also a number of books in French, German and Magyar, all in PDF format. Four more books in German, Italian, Spanish, Serbo-croat and English are available in HTML format. We hope that other languages will follow in the coming months.

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