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Accommodation information

Seasonal Information:

November to January - the winter months - this is the busiest time of the year, when average daytime temperatures rarely exceed 28 celcius and nightime temperatures can fall as low as 15 celcius. This is also the time when Karthikai Deepam, Bhagavan's Jayanti, Deepavali and Sri Vidya Havan are celebrated ... accommodation everywhere is normally full. To obtain accommodation at this time of year, you MUST book well in advance.

February to March - this period is often busy but there is generally accommodation available in ashrams and outside.

April to July - this is the quiet period during the hottest months. During April and May the average daytime temperatures will reach 38-46 degrees celcius and nightime temperatures will not fall below 28 degrees. From June onwards the temperature will reduce when seasonal rain comes to the coastal areas of India.

August to October - this is also a quiet period and marks the start of the rainy season throughout India. Temperatures at this time start to fall. Devotees who cannot tolerate the higher temperatures should book accommodation during this period.

General Information:

The temperature information above is only a guide. Rain fell in Tiruvannamalai almost every week throughout 2004 until November and temperatures remained below 30 degrees for most of the year; 2005 has seen very little rain and the temperatures have been very high throughout the year. To see the weather forecast for Tiruvannamalai go HERE.

The monsoon period for South India is generally in October/November, but the gathering monsoon clouds from June onwards sometimes help to reduce the average daytime temperatures to the mid 30's, even though the rain does not come until later in the year.

Accommodation outside ashrams - During the winter months accommodation outside ashrams is quite expensive, varying in price from Rs.150 to Rs.350 per day for a room in a lodging house, and from Rs.3,000 up to Rs.30,000 per month for a small house. Out of season these prices fall considerably. There is no booking agency for outside accommodation and devotees normally look for it when they arrive.

A new website arunachala-property.com has been launched to provide devotees with information on accommodation available for rent outside of ashrams - this is an independent service having no connection with any ashram or other organisation in Tiruvannamalai.

Satguru Ramana Maharshi Travels is a new taxi service owned and operated by the Sri Ramana Supermarket in Tiruvannamalai.

To enquire about or to book accommodation at Sri Ramanasramam email president@sriramanamaharshi.org

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